Changing schools

We have over a decade of success stories of helping children gain admission to schools where they are happy and thrive. If your child needs to change schools or school systems, we can help by arranging tuition to assess what level they are at and ensure they build up to the requirements of the entrance exams.

We work in close partnership with The Education Consultancy who know everything there is to know about the application procedures for the best schools. Their extensive knowledge combined with our care and excellent tutors will ensure that your child's transition to a new school is seamless.

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

Moving to the UK

We can help if you are thinking of moving to the UK and placing your child in a school here. We have assisted many families from all over the world with their children’s education and integration in the UK.

The two key areas we help with are improving a student's English and aligning what they already know with what the new school requires. This ensures their transition into a different education system is as smooth as possible.

We offer various solutions to suit your circumstances: sometimes we start with lessons on Skype so you and your children can get a head start; sometimes we can send a tutor to your home country, to stay with you and teach in person. And on your arrival here, we can find the right tutors to provide continued support for your child so that they can feel confident and flourish in their new environment.

We are privileged to work in close contact with Anglia Education who help families, mostly from Russia, settle into the UK. We find the best tutors for Anglia's families so that their children are happy and confident starting new schools over here.

The Education Consultancy is another of our trusted partners – they are absolute experts on British schools and the application process. Our partners, together with our extensive knowledge, care and excellent tutors, have the perfect skills to ensure that your family's transition to the UK is as trouble-free as possible.

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

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