Simply, clearly and effectively

  1. You call or send us an email (a face-to-face meeting isn't usually necessary). We will ask you about your child and what type of tutoring he or she requires, as well as their availability. We will also need your full address, email and telephone numbers.
  2. If your child is preparing for GCSE or A level exams, we need to know the exam board and modules they are doing at school so we can check that the tutor we place is familiar with the requirements of the specific syllabus.
  3. Unless you are already familiar with them, we will outline our fees and if you are happy to go ahead, we will send you an email with our terms and conditions confirming your request.
  4. Based on the information you give us, we will then look at the tutors on our books and hand-pick the tutor who we feel will be the most suited to your child's needs. Our suggestions are based not only on which tutor has the most experience with children of your child's age, in the subject that you've requested, but also on their respective characters. We also consider the tutor's availability and location.
  5. Once our preferred tutor has accepted the placement, we will contact you to let you know who we propose to place with your child. If you are happy to go ahead, we will then confirm the arrangement with an email which includes the tutor's details and the tuition arrangements.
  6. We introduce tutors on the basis of our terms and conditions. Please ensure that you have read them and are in agreement with each point.

Once the tuition is underway, any proposed changes to the arrangements should be discussed directly with your tutor as we can't guarantee that messages left with us will reach tutors quickly enough. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy – see our terms and conditions for more details. If you are not happy with your tutor at any time, please contact us in the office as soon as possible. We will be happy to talk through the situation and either suggest a solution or find another tutor for you.

Who are the tutors?

We treat tutors with as much consideration as our clients, which is why we have some of the best in the business on our books. Our ever-growing reputation and rigorous selection process means that we attract and keep hold of exceptionally talented tutors. Quality teaching is what we're all about, so having quality tutors is at the heart of our business.

Not all students are alike and neither are our tutors. We've got tutors who enjoy free running, acting, architecture and chess, but what unites them is their enthusiasm for their subject, the depth of their knowledge and their ability to convey both of these things to their students. They are not all Oxbridge graduates, although many are; they're not all qualified teachers, although some are; but they are all brilliant at engaging and inspiring their students. They will respond to how their students learn best and adapt their lessons accordingly, so that each child can achieve optimum results.

From the hundreds of applications we get, we hand-pick the tutors that we'd like to meet face-to-face. We discuss their experience, qualifications and inspirations and try to get to know them. We always check their DBS enhanced disclosure record (formerly known as the CRB) or ask them to apply for one, through us, if they don't have one already. We then take references from both their academic and professional sources.

We run Induction Sessions to give us a further opportunity to interact with tutors - from a teaching exercise to discussion about learning styles and tricky situations, we gain a deeper insight into a tutor's approach. Throughout the academic year we run free Improve Your Teaching workshops at our office where tutors can learn from other tutors about subjects such as the 11+ exams, dyslexia and dyspraxia, and memory techniques.

We believe we are the first agency to create a Tutor Community: a space for tutors to meet, discuss and support each other. Tutoring is a lonely profession and without a staff room or colleagues to talk to, we know that tutors need to be heard and nurtured. This is paramount to strengthen the relationship between all of us and our commitment to tutoring.

What our clients say:

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