Academic Support

From primary to secondary level, children hit moments where they would benefit from time with a tutor: they might have a learning difference or struggle to understand a teacher; need to fill gaps in their knowledge or want to be pushed further than their current level; or have simply lost motivation and confidence in their abilities.

In each of these instances, working with a tutor can give invaluable support and guidance. Whether it takes a month or a year, tailored teaching from a tutor can ensure that a student reaches the level at which they need and want to be.

We can introduce a tutor to teach:

  1. by the hour in London
  2. online
  3. for a few hours outside London
  4. on a residential basis in the UK and abroad
  5. on an home schooling basis

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

What our clients say:

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